Thursday, April 2, 2015

When In Doubt Kiss A Friend


Okay so here's a little story that I wanted to tell you all. Soooo first background information...
1. Nooo, I didn't just go up to some random girl and kiss her (we've known each other for a long time)
2. Everything you read tonight is true 100%
3. This was around Christmas time

So lets get on with the story...
Me and my friend, lets call her Beckifer (beck-eh-fur), we have been friends since like 7th grade and it is my sophomore year (10th grade) of high school now, so anyways I apparently attract a lot of male attention so I had 2 boys who would literally wait outside my 1st period classroom door just so they could catch me (BTDUBS, they still do this till this day) and me and my friend we would try to avoid those 2 boys who would wait outside my 1st period door but NOPE they would always catch up. They would literally look like this...  Hollaring at me...

 Keep in mind I had heard about them and was not so happy about what I was hearing...  So one day I asked my friend would she pretend to be my girlfriend... At first she was like NO! Then she came to her senses and helped a sista out! So we were walking to the classroom and those 2 boys was still standing there like this 
So I went up and told them that the girl I walked with was my girlfriend! AWW SO CUTE! NOPE, KEEP READING! After I had told them this they asked her to come over and she said hello introduced herself and all of a sudden one of the boys was like kiss! We were like MAYDAY! #ABANDONSHIP!

 We had no idea what to so you know what I did?? I looked her dead in the eyes shook my head up and down real slow and planted a big one on her.. After the kiss was over she looked at me with such anger in her eyes (you got to do what you got to do) I assumed they had got the message so we walked away... Beckifer moved away and you know what happened those boys began to wait for me again so the moral of the story is... NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO THE BOYS WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE...
And that my friend is the story of how no matter how hard you try your beauty will attract guys who think you are lesbian lol. 

So that is the end of my story hope you guys enjoyed and if you did indeed enjoy leave a comment! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK :)


  1. great post! check out my blog?

  2. Haha! I just discovered your blog through TBC, and this post was hilarious! But I feel sorry for you! Those guys don't seem to be the type you'd wanna be attracting! New follower! :)

    Golden Ducklings xx

    1. Im SUPER DUPER glad you enjoyed it! Keep enjoying? lol :)

  3. I also found you via TBC! :) That's great that at least two people have found your blog through it (unfortunately TBC was never as effective for my blog, but I still love it to bits)!

    Beckifer haha cute name :) That seems awful, though! I hope she's not still mad at you... I agree that that's not the type one would want to attract!

    xox Chasing Cloudy Dreams

    1. Beckifer is like the name is give anything lol :) And a little update we are still good friends apparently thanks to me she found her true self so PLUS! Thats for you comment and hope you enjoy further on down the line (don't know if that made sense lol)