Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Natural Hair

Every since I was a child there has been talk about my natural hair. All my life my hair has been in braids, or a ponytail because I couldn't take care of my hair. So when I was younger my mom cut it so it would be easier to handle. Now that I am 15 years old and i obviously know how to do my hair it is to short to do. I have been taking biotin pills to help speed a long the process and it is working for the most part.

I have always been sensitive about how I look when I go out... It's not like I am not able to wear my hair down (its about shoulder length) it's about wanted to be able to wear it down without it getting all big and frizzy. Because of that I straightened my hair a lot and put relaxers in it which really damaged my hair. For 1 year and a half now I have stopped doing that to myself and my hair is slowly but surely going back to its normal self again. I seriously envy girls who have long and beautiful curly hair... I really do but if I keep my head up I know that I will be able to feel and look beautiful. 

 This is basically what my hair looks like now but shorter and looser curls. I want to feel confident in my own hair and skin. 

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