Thursday, April 23, 2015



Welcome to another installment of story time! If you can even call these installments lol! ANYWAYS, I want to tell the story of how I started to go from straightening my hair to just going AU NATURAL!

 This is a fun little story!

So I am a mixed (african-american and irish) so if I was 2 different people I would like this. 


But no I look like this:

So anyways, towards the end of my freshman year in high school last year, I had decided to stop straightening my hair. I mean my mom has curly hair so I figured why not so this is a picture from the first day I went natural keep in mind I had and still have (not as much though) heat and chemical damage. 

Yes pretty short, I know well it has been almost a full year now and my hair comes down to my shoulders now. I do treatments and methods to get my hair to grow longer and some of them work while others are complete failures. But besides that I am so happy that I have decided to go natural. SOO HAPPY!

My hair goal is to get my hair down past my chest which is the length it was when I was a child. So for example around here

But I also have to keep in mind the shrinkage of curly hair and the fact that I have type 3b-3c texture hair. So I have to have patience and the willpower to do this. I can't wait till the day that I have reached my hair goals or even further. Today I am going to try something called the INVERSION METHOD (if you want to know more look up on google) and it hair been proven that you will grow over 1 inch of hair in just 7 days so wish me luck!

So end todays post, I want to thank everyone who has stuck around and thanks for all the nice comments and I hope to hear from more of you soon. Talk to you next week!


  1. your gorgeous and I love your hair

  2. I would kill (okay, not really kill) for hair like that! I think your hair is very beautiful, and, like owner like own, yeah? :)

    1. Thank you SOOO much! And yeah ❤️

  3. Your hair is amazing! I'm a brand new reader and absolutely loving your blog :D