Monday, May 19, 2014

This is Me

Happy Monday Everybody! So I was going to post this on Tuesday but I finished it early so I am posting it today.

This is sort of a serious post because I have been judged for many different reasons and I just want you all to know me well so here it goes.

1. As a kid (between 7-10) I was hit by a car. I split my head wide open, broke my left leg, and busted my lip. So because of that I am unable to play sports for a long period of time because my knee starts to give out.

2. I am an African- American and Caucasian. Not a MUT. I have been told before that I couldn't hang out with the African American kids at my school because I'm not per-say "black"

3. I am very shy, and over emotional about the most smallest things. I will cry because you told me that we couldn't hang out today, and it stems from past experiences. I have been called a baby, and a punk because of this.

4.  I dumb myself down so that people will like me. Because of that I am struggling to not fail all of my classes in school because of  "dumbing myself down"

5. I am very gullible person. I believe certain things that are not true and when I find out that the person who told me was lying, I distance myself from people.

This is not all but mostly a summary of who I am. I don't want you guys to judge me because of the things I do or say. I f you have a problem with a post that I have put I want you to personally contact me not leave it in the comments, because I like to think that if the roles were switched you would want the same.

Thank you.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Starving In Suburbia

I wanted to talk about a serious problem in the teen community lately and that thing is Anorexia. And what got me thinking about this was a movie I recently watched called Starving In Suburbia.

This movie is about a girl and her friend shows her this website supporting anorexia. She starts chatting with the people and starts to talk to this admin of the site and encourages her to stop eating. Soon someone on the website tells her not to talk to her but she doesn't listen. Later on, her brother has a major heart attack in a wrestling match  then we find out that her brother was the one telling her not to talk to the admin and that he is anorexic. Her brother dies and she decides to change her life in honor of her brother.

ANA aka Anorexia affects dozens of youth everywhere and it is a big issue in today's society. Dozens of girls and even guys (but, mostly girls) are flooded with pictures like this...

Nobody should have to look at these types of photos and fell disgusted with themselves. 

It just makes me angry how people judge other people because of what they look like... You have no idea what that person is going through and what their life situation is. Just to put this out there all girls are beautiful no matter what they look like. 

No matter who you are or the size you are everyone is beautiful just the way you are. Nobody is perfect but everybody is who they are no matter what. 

xoxo, Imani

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I apologize to you **little announcement!

I am very sorry for the lack of posting on the page in a few months... I have been busy with AIMS testing and CRT's and Finals. But anyway I just wanted to catch up with everyone and say hello. I am gonna some changes to the site. Some changes will be that the Chatroom will be added, You will be able to chat with me on certain days and you will get to talk to me and chat with everyone. Removal of the Good Music Page, I am going to remove it because there really isnt a use for it and I think it's kind of a waste of spave and programming. Music Player, I am going to try to add a music player and put some music on it so you can jam and talk with other people. Well those are some of the changes that are going to be made and I hope you like the new changes. Sorry this post is so short will come up with something by next week :)