Thursday, February 6, 2014

French is BEAUTIFUL!

Bonjour! Mon frere et souer! French is a beautiful language. The language of love some call it... I want to be able to speak the language so me and my friend can go to France! I want to be asked what I want to eat and be able to say "un steak-frites" I want to be able to say "D'abord, je aller Eiffel Tower!" There are so many things about France that are just fabulous and elegant and beautiful.  I want to visit the most beautiful thing in the world the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel. The french call it La Tower Eiffel. I want to go to the top and maybe find the love of my life up there, or eat french delicacies at a table. Go shopping at Lafayette Maison, or Miss BiBi. I want to take pictures and meet new people. When I do all those things you will all be apart of it. I will post pictures and tell you all about FRENCH ADVENTURES :)

Love Always,

What My Day Looked Like

Today my day was the best it could have been... After school I hung out with some of my friends by the train tracks. We have decided to do that every Wednesday from now on. Here is a picture from today :)

We had a lot of fun, we found a minion pinata and hit it around a little bit :) There is this highway by the train tracks that allows you to walk through it so we walked through there and the breeze of the cars flying by was just amazing! I can probably say that was the best day of my life. If you have had any best days of your life leave a comment down below about your best day ever. Doesn't matter what it is :)

These are my best friends in these pictures. Some say that they are weird and dumb but I don't care what people say about them. I love them they are my best friends <3

Love Always,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lets Get Something Straight

I don't want to start off my first post about who I am that is what the About Me page is about. I want to just get right in it and talk about a really huge problem in today's generation... Depression.

The thing that got me on this subject was this song my friend showed me (if you want to listen to the song, I will post the link down below). It really opened my eyes about all the stuff that is going wrong and how we can prevent things from escalating too far. The song is talking about how a girl kills herself after going through all the crap that has happened to her in life. But in these types of situations they never talk about the happy ending, someone always has to die. I saw "screw it" if you are going through something I want you to imagine the happiest day of your life... Have you done it yet? If you did, think about life 5 years from now and imagine having another best day of your life. Would you want to miss something that amazing in your life? I wouldn't want you too. Imagine how your family would feel and how that event would effect them for the rest of there life. Are they heartbroken?

Tips to helping you stay positive:
- Surround yourself with positive people.
- Love yourself even if others don't.
- Just don't give up.

If you won't do it for them do it for yourself. You deserve much better than a whole in the ground, you are more than that. Everyone has gone through the same thing as you. Even I.

Remember that it gets better :)

Love Always,

*Link to song that is the topic of this post. Her Last Words